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Mr. Omar Awad Omar Al-Wasem

Chairman of the Board – Regional Clean Sea Organization (Recso)
Chairman – Offshore Arabia 2014
Vice President, Mina Saud Operations - Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC)
State of Kuwait

The Regional Clean Sea Organisation (RECSO), which is the regional environmental arm for the national oil and shipping companies in the Gulf. Our mission is to protect the waters of the Gulf region by firstly preventing oil spills and other oil derivatives from polluting the waters and secondly by helping to clean them up in times of accidents. Recso acts as an umbrella under which the major oil and shipping companies can come together and mutually cooperate in the event of an accident. We believe that an important way of preventing spills is by educating both the oil and shipping sectors as well as the general public about the hazards of oil pollution in the Gulf waters, the responsibility of each individual towards protecting these waters and solutions to the many problems that face us today. 

I am pleased to announce that your organization has had another successful year, continuing its long history of growth, achievement and progr

ess. The oil, gas and energy sector at regional or international level has been growing tremendously. With all this growth there were many challenges, we saw in all of this opportunity to further consolidate and enhance our organization’s capabilities and strengthen our mutual cooperation. We established a more dynamic outlook and built stronger goals and objectives to be achieved.

2013 – 2014 goals are directed at playing a leading role in the process of our core business (oil spill and incident response, under the mutual aid concept), establishing policies and procedures, national contingency plan, communication and coordination, availing all available resources to members and serve the region in a wider role such as safety, integrity, health, security and total environment. These strategic initiatives are the main engines of growth for us and the region.

We have achieved a number of millstones that includes, budgetary compliance, planning and coordination of a number of major oil spill exercise at members levels, planning and conducting a number of training and development opportunities, planning and formalizing all the topics and activities for Offshore Arabia 2014 conference and exhibition, establishing a global reach and cooperation that includes strong partnerships and relations with regional and international bodies & organizations.

Our organization continues to provide support for community initiatives and activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, and educational institutions. We will continue to advocate for environmental issues, the nurturing of young talent, while we continue to actively promote the rich cultural heritage of our region.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my fellow directors for their support during the year and nothing could have been accomplished without the hard work of our Board of Directors and their immense contribution to the success of the organization. Without a doubt the member companies have shown both serious commitment and ownership to the needs of our region. Their support and encouragement have been highly appreciated and will always give us the additional strength and motivation to seek the best for our Organization.

With this I would like to once again profusely thank all my fellow Directors and member companies from the bottom of my heart, we couldn’t have come this far without your support and vision.

Thank you.

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