About Us

In its full form, RECSO spells the Regional Clean Sea Organisation. As the title clearly indicates, RECSO is an oil industry co-operative organisation functioning on the concept of "mutual aid".

Today, though the original objective of the organisation - oil spill response through mutual aid - remains the same, the circumstances in which the oil industry operations are conducted these days are significantly different from the conditions that prevailed in the period from 1972 to 1990.


Our Members

Mr. Sami Al Sawagh, CHAIRMAN

Chairman’s Message

On July 11, 1972, some of the major oil and shipping companies in the
Gulf Region came together to form one of the oldest oil spill response
mutual aids organisations in the world, the Regional Clean Sea
Organization (RECSO). .

Their environmental commitment to the territorial waters of the Arabian
Gulf was the ultimate driver to agree on establishing the basis of sharing
oil spill response resources across the members


Regional Clean Sea Organisation (RECSO)
has specialist training courses in:

- Maritime Activities & Terminal Operations.
- Environmental Protection.
- Oil Spill Prevention, Control & Response.
- Health, Safety & Environment.
- Any other related subjects of upstream & downstream of oil industries.