IMO Level 2 Training on Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders
July 17, 2005
Crisis Managment Course

We have scheduled five training courses during this year. The first of which was held from the 26th till 27th of April, 2005. The training was designed for the Senior Managers in the oil and shipping industries and was called ‘Crisis Management for Senior Managers’. The training’s objective was to provide operational advice and assistance to the personnel directly involved in the oil industry operations, tankers, terminals & port operations, and to help develop practice procedures ready for immediate implementation in the event of an emergency.

Participation at the training was extraordinary and the participants both enjoyed the course as well as profited from it immensely. The trainers, Mr. Kevin O’Connel and Dr. Ian Brothwick from The Oil Spill Training Company, both felt that the attendance was wonderful and that the course had gone extremely well. Mr. Khamis Bu-Amim, Chairman of RECSO, took the opportunity to sign an agreement with The Oil Spill Training Company to conduct RECSO’s training program for the rest of the current year.