Oil Spill Refresher Training Course
November 28, 2007
Oil Spill & Emergency Response – Planning and Operations
November 16, 2008
Incident Command System (ICS) & Unified Command)

The Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO) conducted a training course on ““The Incident Command System (ICS) & Unified Command” which was held on 10 – 13 August 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

The four-day “Incident Command System (ICS) & Unified Command” training course was specially designed and developed for the personnel with responsibility for the development or implementation of Incident Management Systems but also benefited emergency response managers and senior members of an Incident Management Team. Attendees raised their knowledge and competence to prepare for and undertake Incident Management activities. A number of topics were taught including; ICS History and Structure; Setting Objectives; ICS Planning Cycle; Incident Management; Unified Command and How it Works; Incident Action Plan; Section Specific Sessions; Process Workshop and Table-Top Exercises.

Participants were from a wide range of organizations and locations including; Saudi Aramco; Bahrain Petroleum Company; Kuwait Oil Company; Vela International Marine Ltd, Maersk Oil Qatar AS, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company; UAE Ministry of Environment & Water and Ministry of Environment, Qatar.