Incident Command System (ICS) & Unified Command)
August 23, 2008
Oil Spill & Emergency Response – Planning and Operations
November 12, 2009
Oil Spill & Emergency Response – Planning and Operations

The Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO) conducted a training course on “Oil Spill & Emergency Response – Planning and Operations” which was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE on 17 -19 November 2008.

The three-day “Oil Spill & Emergency Response – Planning and Operations” training course was specially designed to address the best industry practices for the planning, preparation and implementation of dealing with oil spills and other major incidents and has been developed for personnel with responsibility for the planning of oil spill and other emergency response operations. The course participants also raised their knowledge and competence to prepare for and undertake oil spill clean-up operations and also included thorough review of oil spill and emergency response techniques and focus on the need for preparedness through contingency planning. A number of topics were taught including; Fate and Behavior of Oil and the Implications for Response; Contingency Planning; Alert, Mobilization and Reporting of Spills; Operations Management – Making the Right Strategy Choice and Carrying Out Successful Operations; Containment and Recovery Systems; Quantification of Oil Spills; Logistics, Maintenance and Communications; Waste Management – Transfer, Storage and Disposal; Hazards to Personnel and Responding Safely; Preparedness and Planning; Planning for Recovery; Media Relations and Corporate; Communications and Table-Top Exercises.

The lectures were complemented by spill scenarios, practical field sessions and a major equipment deployment of containment booms, skimmers and beach cleaning equipments on the final day at the Jumairah Beach.

Participants were from a wide range of organizations and locations including; Kuwait Oil Company (KOC); Qatar Gas Transport Company (NAKILAT); Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC); Emarat Maritime; Vela International Marine Limited; Zakum Development Company (ZADCO); Emirates Marine Environmental Group; Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KGOC – AGOC); The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO); Dolphin Energy Ltd.; Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF); Oman Ship Management Company; Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited (DUGAS); Desalt Innovation Middle East LLC (DIME); and Dubai Municipality.